Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu  darshan and vision  of the  Almighty ,culminated into the creation and establishment of a “ Radha Vallabh sampradaya “ its mandir and the various other issues. For Centuries the Radhavallab Sampradaya as passes on the position of its head the “Tilakayat Adhdikari” to the eldest Son of the lineage of Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu . Accordingly following the Tradition oriented directive last year during the month of “Chaitra“ on the auspicious day of “Shukla Navmi” the 17th Tilakayat Adhkariji “ShriHit Radhesh lal Goswamiji Maharaj” handed over the reins to his eldest son Shri Mohit Maral Goswami for carrying out the legacy of “Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu  “

Shri Hit Radhesh lal Goswamiji Maharaj was blessed with bright prince showing all signs of godliness at the time of his birth and he was accordingly initiated as Shri Mohit Maral Goswami the present 18th Tilakayat Adhikari.  Born on “Paush Chaturthi” also known as “Sankat Chauth“ at Shri Dham Vrindavan . From a tender age Shri Mohit Maral Goswami showed all signs of greatest -his love for all and his demeanour were eye catching. Based on strong tradition of the lineage young Shri Mohit Maral Goswami was soon given exposure to learning, working at the foundation, following the stringent traditions of service to mankind.

During the subsequent years he not only obtained his graduation degree but was given “Diksha” by his (grandfather) “Babaji Maharaj Shri Hit Sukumari lalaji”. During 2000 he tied his nuptial knot and was married to Subhayawati Mohini Ji and with the grace of Shri Ji was blessed with Lali Samridhhi ji and Shobhit Jai Jai stepped to this world. Shri Mohit Maral Goswami ji vast vision envisages the old and the new together .Due to which maintenance of the ancient and old traditions, text, rituals, culture and the newness of propagating the old ancient text to the common person fall within his preview.

A strong believer in Ancient Heritage and its maintenance, led under his direct supervision of the   Sampradaya Text: Vanji Ji” being converted into simple easy to understand for its followers.

Going on the same thought Shri Mohit Maral Goswami ji believe in its heritage and his its upkeep “Shri Vrinadavan Dham ji” DOL accordingly rejuvenated and brought back to its old glory is used as his personal DOL and accordingly, periodically “Raas“ is performed .The Ancient Text “Vani Ji”  too is advocated strongly and regularly sung to is followers on almost all occasions. The responsibility of day to day operation  maintaining heritage based tradition falls on the shoulders of “Harivasnsh Prachar Mandal “ The trust not only maintains the “ Vrindavan Dham “ but also provides service to the humanity namely , Brahmin seva,  Poor children education, food for the poor  etc. Plantation of trees along the entire parikrama , watering them on daily basis are few task of the trust

“Shri Mohit Maral Goswami ji” dream of Vridhavan Dhams reigning its former glory like mentioned in “Vani Ji“ is the Mantra of the trust. 

The blessings and love of Shri Mohit Maral Goswami ji, a disciple of Acharya Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu of the Radhavallabh Sampraday, draws followers from across the world. His disciples carry out their responsibilities while constantly connected to Shri Vrindavan Vas and following his commands with love and happiness. They believe that only when their family members are happy with them, will Shri ji also be pleased with them. Each disciple receives motherly and fatherly love from Shri ji. They continue to follow the traditional practices of the Sampraday, including the worship of Lad and Bhav, celebration of all festivals, protection of Vani ji, preservation of the Dham, and social work.